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coffe table / storage Half Barrel Chest/Coffee Table - Ideal under-top storage for Wine bottles or DVD's etc.
rocking chair Rocking Chair - Ideal for relaxing on the patio, this rocking chair is made from wine barrel staves.
wine rack Wine Rack - These Wine Racks will hold six regular-size bottles.

bar unit Bar Unit - This Bar Unit is made from half a wine barrel with a 'D' shaped bar top.
weather station Weather Station - Made from a barrel head this weather station comprises a clock, thermometer, barometer and hygrometer gauges.
from £199.00
rocking chair Rocking Chair - A different view of the Rocking Chair shown above.

bread board Bread Board - Made from a barrel head, with a felt underside.
barrel head server Server - Made from a barrel head this server is ideal for serving nibbles, cheeses or drinks. It has two wrought iron handles to aid steady carrying. £84.00 small smoker large smoker Food Smoker - Two sizes of food smoker - small (100 litre) or large (225 litre), complete with smoke generator.
from £500.00

large wine barrel drinks unit Large Wine Barrel Drinks Unit - The complete solution to holding and displaying bottles and glasses.
from £555.00

half-barrel drinks unit Half-Barrel Drinks Unit - Made from half a French wine barrel this unit is ideal for the smaller room, but can hold more than enough bottles and glasses. £389.00 Barrel Drinks Unit - A Drinks Cabinet made from a barrel. The base has a turntable insert for easy removal of bottles plus a mid-height 3/4 shelf - both are covered with a felt covering.

small barrel drinks unit Small Barrel Drinks Unit A smaller version of the above Drinks Cabinet - this example is shown in a 'natural' oak finish.

Small Barrel Drinks Unit Similar to the Drinks Cabinet example shown to the left - it has a 'natural' oak finish.
small barrel drinks unit


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