Using the PayPal portal is fairly straigh-forward. You don't have to have a PayPal account, but if you have then you know how it works.

I will send an email requesting the money for the items you require through the PayPal secure portal. You will then be directed to their 'Secure Server'. Just follow the instructions on the screen and pay - direct from your Bank account (like a Debit Card transaction) or on your Credit Card.

Opposite you will see brief instructions on how the procedure works, for more detailed information download the PDF.

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Illustrated instructions in the form of a PDF are available .....

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Complete the form and click on “Agree and Create Account”

Click on “Continue” in preferred option – for this example Pay by debit or credit card is used.

Select the card type and a box will appear to enter your card number and fill in the details then click on “Continue”

Your basic Paypal account is now set up. Click on “Go to My Account” to see your status.

In order to verify your account, first click on “Unverified”. This lists the stages you must go through to verify your account.

Click on “Add Bank Account”, now fill in your bank account details and click “Continue”

Review your details and if correct, click on “Add Bank Account”

Click on “Continue”, and fill in your details then click “Submit”

In two to five days Paypal will make a very small deposit into your specified bank account. You need to watch your account for when the deposit is made and note the date and amount. Click “Continue”

You have complete the first two stages and now need to wait until you can see the deposits appear in your bank account.

Once you have the transaction details, log in to your paypal account. Click on “Unverified”, next to Status in Account Overview.

Click on “Confirm Bank Account”. Enter the amounts of the deposits made into your bank account and click “Submit”. You are now a verified Paypal user.
How to Open and Verify a Paypal Account

In order to make a payment through Paypal you must have an account open which will then allow you to make a payment of up to £600 either via your bank account, or credit/debit card, whichever option you choose. If you wish to make a payment of more than £600 you MUST verify your account and attach a bank account to it. You can still make your payment via a credit/debit card if you wish, even though a bank account has been named. Setting up a Paypal account is immediate but verification takes a few days longer as you need to wait for a small deposit from Paypal to appear in your bank account. You should be able to complete the whole process in no more than 5 working days.

To open a basic account - Go to - Click on “Sign Up”

Click on “Personal” if you want to open an account to only pay for items via Paypal, on “Premier” to pay for
items and receive money, or on “Business” if you are a business (business bank account needed for this).

For this example “Personal” is clicked on.

Enter your details and scroll down.


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