Home smoking is growing in popularity - just imagine smoking your own Herring - nothing beats a good kipper!

It's NOT difficult, sure you have to have some basic knowledge, but my Smoker comes with full setting-up instructions and some simple 'getting started' tips and recipes.

The internet is a great source of information on home smoking with many forums available where folk share their experiences. The world renowned 'Bradley' company also have a wealth of information on smoking, recipes and much more, they are also the manufacturer of the smoke generator I use with my smoker and where you can get further supplies of bisquettes.

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Download a PDF for additional smoke box - use when cold smoking in high ambient temperatures.

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Designs may vary.

left - The smoke generator, showing
bisquettes in the stack tube.

below - Split Herring being hung in the smoker.
Whisky barrel food smoker
- turning the split Herring into Kippers ..... lots of oak smoke.

For more information on all aspects of curing and smoking and a UK supplier of Bradley products - click here.


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