This innovative idea has many uses. As a table centrepiece for flowers, fruit, bread, canapés or nuts and nibbles; or as a bath rack to hold your soaps, oils and other bath-time essentials.

A 'half-size' trug is also available. This smaller Trug is ideal for 'hand round' nibbles at parties etc.

Length = 880mm Width = 190mm
(Half-size approx. 440mm Width = 190mm

Product Code: TT_001

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Product Code: TT_002 (half-size)

Price £31.00 - click to ORDER
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Fruit trug
Made entirely of staves from an old oak whisky barrel - oiled and polished to highlight the natural figuring from years of maturing the "water of life".
Ideal for holding fruit or bread.
Half-size Trug, ideal for those 'hand-round' nibbles and canapés or, for the smaller dining table.


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